The Location

The Fleurieu Peninsula
The ex-HMAS Hobart was scuttled four nautical miles west-north-west of Marina Vincent, Yankalilla Bay. This site is also outside of navigational and commercial fishing areas. The reef site is marked with buoys to clearly identify its location and to enable tie-up mooring. The reef can be easily accessed by public boat ramp at Marina St Vincent Cove. Yankalilla Bay is 65 km south from Adelaide, only 45 minutes by road, on the Fleurieu Peninsula.


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The nearest service town to the ex-HMAS Hobart site is Yankalilla. Yankalilla itself is an historical farming town, along with the nearby coastal town of Normanville. A popular holiday destination for over a century, the Fleurieu Peninsula offers endless opportunities and experiences for visitors. Long sandy beaches, rugged cliffscapes and sheltered coves offer year round diving, snorkelling, sailing, fishing and swimming.

Boating Restrictions Ex-HMAS Hobart
(Fleurieu Artificial Reef)

Activities in the vicinity of the ex-HMAS Hobart wreck are controlled by legislation Historic Shipwrecks Act 1981, Harbors and Navigation Act 1993 and Fisheries Act 1982. Breaches of the Acts incur severe penalties including confiscation of boats and equipment, fines and imprisonment.

Historic Shipwreck Protected Zone
Historic Shipwrecks Act 1981

The ex-HMAS Hobart is a declared Historic Shipwreck. A Protected Zone of 550-metre radius has been placed around this highly significant wreck, centred at Latitude 35 28 51.6 South and Longitude 138 09 26.0 East. It is illegal to enter this Protected Zone without a permit. It is also illegal to damage the wreck or remove relics from it. Divers are issued with permits to enter the zone providing they abide by conditions.

Restricted Area Control
Harbors and Navigation Act 1993
Restrictions apply in the area bounded by a circle of radius 0.5 of a nautical mile centred on a point at Latitude 35 28.9 South and Longitude 138 09.5 East. Within the Restricted Area a person must not:

Rapid Bay
Fisheries Act 1982
It is illegal to take fish from the area of the wreck bounded by a circle of radius 0.5 of a nautical mile centred at Latitude 35 28.9 South and Longitude 138 09.5 East.

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Boating Restrictions

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